Audi RNS-E

Audi BNS 5.0

Volkswagen RNS-510

FISCON Handsfree

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Plus stands for the complete integration of a FISCON Bluetooth handsfree into the infotainment system based on CAN-Bus commuication. The design of the interface matches exactly to the design of the other functions and will even support touchscreen systems where available. The operation and display of the cellphone is fully integrated and seamless on the navigation system and/or the FIS-display of the tacho.

FISCON Plus handsfree kits are available or under development for the following systems:

Audi RNS-E
Audi BNS 5.0
Audi A4 (8K) and A5 with Concert / Symphony Radio
Seat RNS-510, RCD-510
Skoda Columbus, Bolero
Volkswagen RNS-510 and RCD-510
Volkswagen Phaeton with RNS-810
Volkswagen RNS-310
Skoda Amundsen
Further systems coming soon

Coming soon

Note to soon coming products:
If you are interested in one of these products, we would be glad to inform you by eMail about their availability. Please register at our InfoServicewithout making any commitments and you will get informations to FISCON products for your car in a early and convenient way.


Audi RNS-E and A4 (8K), A5, Q5

Audi BNS 5.0

Volkswagen RNS-510, RCD-510